2018-S5-L1toL6: Tangably CERTIFIED | Vectorworks Spotlight Professional Training Program Sept 17 2018 - Mar 24 2019

The world's first and only comprehensive training program designed to teach and certify your skills with Vectorworks Spotlight.

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24 week professional certification program

starts Monday September 17, 2018



Enrollment closes Midnight Pacific - Wednesday September 12th, 2018


Tangably Design Software Consultancy + Training is offering a 24 week guided program of masterclasses to guide, train, and certify you and/or your team on comprehensive professional skills related to designing + drafting + modeling + rendering projects created with Vectorworks Spotlight design software.

Learning professional skills with Vectorworks Spotlight at a deep level and building an intuitive understanding of the software will enable you and your employees to better communicate your intentions with prospective customers, resolve support issues internally, and professionally develop and present projects and products for your clients at a high level of aptitude.

24 weeks in 6 parts

This guided 24 week program is a sequence of six integral components to training and certifying your professional skills. We refer to them as masterclasses.

  1. Foundational Event Planning
  2. Intermediate Event Modeling
  3. Advanced 3D Modeling & Resource Management
  4. Advanced Rendering & Visualization
  5. Advanced Reporting & Publishing
  6. Final Assignments & Certification Exam

Certification program details continued below.

Details and descriptions of each masterclass in the certification program available via the following cards and links.

Courses Included with Purchase

2018-S5-L1: Foundational Event Planning | Sept 17 to Oct 7, 2018
A 3 week masterclass on fundamental skills with Vectorworks Spotlight
Jacob Dale
2018-S5-L2: Intermediate Event Modeling | Oct 8 to Nov 18, 2018
A 6 week masterclass on intermediate skills with Vectorworks Spotlight
Jacob Dale

Original Price: $2,100


Commit to the whole 24 week CERTIFICATION Program for

as low as $4,300

a savings of $1,300

compared to enrolling in the 6 masterclasses individually


Each of the certification program components is a Vectorworks Spotlight Masterclass designed to build upon the skills of the previous masterclass. If you are new to Vectorworks Spotlight design software, or are looking to re-build a solid foundation of knowledge with the software, the Foundational Event Planning Masterclass is the place to start.

Not a "beginner"?

If you already have a solid footing with the topics covered in Foundational Event Planning, and are looking to step up your game, enroll in the Intermediate Event Modeling | Vectorworks Spotlight Masterclass, subsequent Advanced Masterclasses, and then the Final Assignments & Certification Exam, as individual components with respect to their cumulative structure.

The Tangably CERTIFIED | Vectorworks Spotlight Professional Program culminates with component #6. Final Assignments & Certification Exam - three weeks of final assigned exercises and graded certification examination to test the participants understanding and familiarity with best practices in Vectorworks Spotlight.

Display your certification proudly

After satisfactorily completing all masterclass components, final assignments, and certification examination, participants will receive personalized certificates of completion of the Tangably CERTIFIED | Vectorworks Spotlight Professional Program.

Participants successfully completing the certification program will be listed (at their discretion) on our publicly searchable Tangably CERTIFIED | Vectorworks Spotlight Professional Database. A listing in the database is valuable to teams advertising their cutting-edge credentials, and valuable to individuals showcasing their professional credentials.


PLEASE NOTE: These masterclasses are cumulative and require prerequisites of knowledge gained from their preceding masterclass, respectively. Review prerequisites carefully before enrolling in a masterclass. If you choose to skip ahead at your own discretion, time will not be spent on remedial instruction for topics and skills covered in previous masterclasses.

Additionally, If you are interested in obtaining Certification, Tangably currently only certifies individual enrolled participants who have satisfactorily completed all six components of the program described on this page, or individual enrolled participants that have satisfactorily completed 5 of the 6 components beginning with the Intermediate masterclass.

If your tendency is to skip ahead because you and/or your team are: self-taught, have been using the software for decades, feel that you can't make the time for it, or are looking to cut corners, be frugal, or a myriad of other reasons... We would like to encourage you to make the time and the commitment to the full CERTIFICATION Program. You may notice that we have priced the whole CERTIFICATION program to incentivize a comprehensive project based learning approach.

Our number one goal at Tangably is for you and your team to achieve the most thorough professional understanding and familiarity with Vectorworks Spotlight software.

The best way we can offer this is for you and your team to get started with us at the earliest juncture possible. If you are a software veteran looking to gain Certification, that means getting back to the foundations and testing your assumptions.

Therefore, if you enroll in the complete 24 week program we exclude fees for the 3 week Foundational Event Planning Masterclass and the 3 week Certification and Final Assignments component. We are offering this incentive as testament to our commitment to you and your team developing an intuitive, comprehensive, professional understanding and expertise with Vectorworks Spotlight design software.

If you or your team desire to enroll and participate in our masterclass offerings a la carte or on a one-by-one basis, and don't desire certification, we welcome you to enroll in the masterclasses of your choice directly via the cards and links above.


The structure and rhythm of each masterclass is similar throughout the certification program.

  • Each week on Monday the instructor will publish to the course platform: a batch of video lectures, corresponding training manual text, related assignments and integrated quizzes.
  • Enrolled participants are free to attend the video lectures, study, and practice concepts on their own learning schedules.
  • As questions and feedback of the curriculum arise, the participants are encouraged to post their queries via integrated commenting & discussion feature within each lecture.
    • The masterclass instructor and fellow participants have the ability to respond and reflect to these lectures comments, providing an added dimension to the online learning environment.
  • Once a week, typically on Wednesdays, course participants and the masterclass instructor will schedule a LIVE Q&A webinar for an hour. This allows the participants to review the weeks lectures and assignments at a deeper level with the instructor. Concepts can be reviewed and demonstrated via on-screen demonstrations.
  • Enrolled participants are free to continue their exploration of lectures and related exercises throughout the week while supported by the corresponding e-manuals, tips, and worksheets published by the instructor.
  • Twice-Weekly enrolled masterclass participants will be presented with the option to join LIVE Chat sessions on the Tangably Network with masterclass instructor.
    • These LIVE Chat sessions allow the opportunity to reflect on lecture topics in a less formal format and possibly while participants are occupied by the flow of their workday or personal obligations like child or family care.
  • Based on feedback from quizzes, assignments, and the various discussion formats mentioned above, the masterclass instructor may post followup material or lectures for further discovery to round out the curriculum for the week.
  • If enrolled participants feel the need or desire for more in-depth discovery or review of a topic related to the curriculum in addition the the weekly scheduled opportunities for discussion, they are encouraged to book One-to-One Coaching Sessions with the instructor. Coaching Sessions require a fee in addition to basic masterclass enrollment, yet can be purchased in bulk at a discount at time of enrollment. Enrolled masterclass participants are given priority access to the instructors calendar of availability with options for bookings outside of normal business hours and during weekends.
  • On Monday of the following week, the instructor will publish the next batch of curriculum to continue the guided learning process.
    • If that Monday is of a conclusion week for the masterclass, learning summaries and any remaining assignment grading will be dispersed to participants.



The structure of this certification program allows for a whole team to advance in their skills simultaneously without concern that any individual will be surpassed or left behind due to lack of comprehension of a topic.

The online format also allows teams access to identical training experiences without the hassle of coordinating schedules of availability or traveling to off-site training locations.

This structure also allows professional teams and individuals to engage in high-level development and training of their skills with Vectorworks Spotlight without interruption to the weekly flow of their professional and personal obligations.

Join us with your team in this Tangably CERTIFIED | Vectorworks Spotlight Professional Program.

The format of this program allows your team to make progress individually on their own schedules, attend and participate online, at the studio or office, from home, a favorite conference room, or on the road to the next gig or site visit from a mobile device or laptop computer.

Who Should Participate

Those who work in events, AV, lighting design, scenic design, film and anyone interested in upgrading their entertainment design workflow with Vectorworks Spotlight should participate in this professional certification program.
Join us if you are just getting started, or if you're an industry veteran looking to re-build a solid intuitive understanding and expertise with Vectorworks Spotlight Design Software within a guided, wholistic training program.

Your Instructor

Jacob Dale
Jacob Dale

Jacob bridges two decades of industry experience and dual professional degrees in Entertainment Design and Architecture. He has been using Vectorworks as an essential 3D design, CAD, and rendering tool for two decades.

Jacob has served as a training consultant to professionals ranging from major motion picture set designers and live entertainment lighting designers to leading architecture firms.

You can learn more about Jacob on his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobdale/

Enrollment in this Bundle of Masterclasses includes:

  • Weekly batches of project based training exercises and pre-recorded video lectures
  • Commenting and discussion feature integrated within each lecture where enrolled participants can discuss, ask questions, share screenshots about the lecture and related assignments with the instructor and other enrolled participants
  • Weekly Group Q&A Livestream Webinars with Masterclass Instructor and fellow enrolled participants
  • Periodic skills quizzes
  • Lecture-integrated supportive text and image based digital workbooks
  • Downloadable exercise files in .VWX 2018 format (when appropriate)
  • Downloadable supporting worksheets (when appropriate)
  • Downloadable shortcut reminders & tip sheets (when appropriate)
  • Personalized masterclass completion certificates
    • available in PDF format to participants that complete and submit all lectures, quizzes, and assignments by official masterclass conclusion date
    • Instructions on how to list Tangably masterclass completion credentials on LinkedIn and other professional networks
  • Enrolled Participant Reporting
    • At the end of each masterclass Tangably provides a custom report summarizing enrolled participant completion rates.
  • One year of member access to the Tangably Network
    • A professional online private network for Vectorworks software professionals - members can discuss tips & tricks, post & view job listings, post classified ads, participate in LIVE chat discussions, message other members directly, view and RSVP to a calendar of industry events + webinars + training opportunities


Enrollment closes Midnight Pacific - Wednesday September 12th, 2018

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