Event Design and Planning Workflows for Live Events,
Festivals, and Sports

Festival Map Information Modeling (BIM)

Digital Twin and Real-Time Rendering

Database Reporting And Record Formats

How we support PHNTM Labs

In 2021 PHNTM Labs contracted Tangably to train their design studio staff on Vectorworks Spotlight, rapidly on-board and skill-up new hires on their Vectorworks knowledge. In 2022 the team at PHNTM returned to Tangably for more services and support in these roles.

Over the past couple years our team at Tangably has developed a great working relationship with the team at PHNTM Labs. Recognizing Tangably as a force multiplier in their operations, PHNTM now plans and budgets our support and expertise into their fiscal year projections. We are honored to work with PHNTM and are delighted to support a skilled team of designers and planners. We look forward to continuing to support PHNTM Labs and their new hires for many years to come!

How can Tangably sharpen your team?

PHNTM started with these services:

  • Guided Team Coaching and Training in Vectorworks and related software.
  • Rapid Onboarding of new team members to Vectorworks software and related team oriented design and planning workflows.
  • Create Information Models (BIM) of festivals and events natively in Vectorworks format.

Getting started is easy!

Let’s make some time to discuss where you are and where you are going with you and your team. Schedule a virtual coffee session below to discuss your team’s desires in your digital design and planning workflows. You may invite teammates to the conversation by clicking Add Guests after confirming a date and time. We look forward to meeting you!