"These online courses are fantastic!

Our team really benefited from the on-demand and self-paced design of the lectures.

I recently worked for a global leader in audio / visual & event technology. During that time or team of 74 professionals across multiple departments were enrolled in Vectorworks Spotlight online training courses by Tangably.

I now work for a different event technology company in New York.

We are enrolling my new crew with Tangably”

- Michael R. Director Staging Services, CONFIDENTIAL | New York

Several months later:

“More please! We were just talking the other day about how well our new hires have done since enrolling them in Tangably Vectorworks Spotlight Masterclasses. Having access to this resource is greatly beneficial to our team.”

"Nothing like this has existed before!

Our design studio attempted to learn from YouTube and printed workbooks. But those resources are disjointed and difficult to track as a team.

The project-based learning structure that Tangably has created for Vectorworks Spotlight is like nothing else available in our industry.

- Sarev J. Director Exhibit Solutions, CONFIDENTIAL | Los Angeles

"I completed‍‍‍ Tangably Vectorworks Spotlight training with the confidence to begin implementing Vectorworks Spotlight software within my business.

The instructor’s passion for the software was apparent. It brought a nice dynamic to the classroom. A great deal of interesting and useful information was covered throughout the course. ”

- Nicolas Blasi, Creative Director, SEP Lighting | Los Angeles



FAQ: Why are some of your testimonials redacted or marked CONFIDENTIAL?

A: Many of our clients consider their access to Team Tangably a competitive advantage in a rapidly-evolving global industry. They have generously expressed their gratitude for what we do for them. Yet they prefer not to provide their competitors with ingredients to their secret sauce.

"We couldn’t imagine being happier with our engagement with Tangably

Our Designer came back full of energy and was very complimentary of the trainer and the curriculum. Having Tangably in our hip pocket removes significant obstacles for us going forward with regards to considering potential candidates and overall recruitment.

Thank you so much for your commitment and passion for the Vectorworks program and community (Nemetschek owes you a debt of gratitude — or an award).”

- Bre‍‍‍nt White, Design Director of Environments‍‍‍, Tesser Big Picture Branding | San Francisco

"Lik‍‍‍e an extension of my brain on paper.

Seriously, Team Tangably just sees it… they know what to do. It’s awesome. Thanks!.”
- Ryan Nelson, Director of Small Cell Implementation & Design, Larson Camouflage | Tucson

‍‍‍“Sessions full of aha moments. This has been the happiest thing I have done for myself!
It’s great to sit down with someone wh‍‍‍o really has a Mastery of the software. Team Tangably understands Vectorworks software from the architectural standpoint and answered my questions and resolved problems that I have had for a long time.”
- Chris Bailow, Principal Architect, Bailow Architects | Boston

‍‍‍‍‍‍Click here to listen to Chris Bailow on EntreArchitect podcast episode 168. @ 40:50 is where Chris provides his endorsement of Tangably

I had a great experience with Tangably!
I‍‍‍ am a practiced user of VW, with over 10 years experience, and found the instructor to have a wealth of knowledge. He was a very helpful & direct instructor. He was able to bounce around from topic to topic and answer all my questions as they came up.
I walked away with some new tools in my (proverbial) tool belt and an increased confidence in using the program."

- Nick Criscione, Architectural Designer, SPG Architects | New York

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