2018-S3-L5: Advanced Rendering & Visualization | Sept 17 to Oct 14, 2018

A 4 week masterclass on advanced skills with Vectorworks Spotlight

4 week advanced skills course

starts Monday September 17, 2018



Enrollment closes Wednesday September 12, 2018

This is a four week interactive, comprehensive, project-based training approach to learning professional rendering and visualization skills with Vectorworks Spotlight.

Through guided lectures, supporting exercises, and online manuals you will develop an understanding of tools, menus, and commands, and workflows used to create and organize a design model within Vectorworks Spotlight design software.

Renderworks is now fully integrated and included with all copies of Vectorworks Spotlight 2018, powered by the powerful Cinema 4D Render engine.

Creating stunning and realistic representations of your event model within Vectorworks Spotlight is possible now more than ever.

Developing an advanced understanding of lighting controls, texture mapping, image backgrounds, materiality, reflectivity, camera settings, and much more will give you the power to create rendered illustrations of your design you didn't think were possible before.

This advanced masterclass is intended for the participant that already has an advanced experience and understanding of Vectorworks Spotlight software such as advanced drawing, advanced modeling, advanced file organization, advanced use of the Resource Manager, and advanced publishing. Little if any time will be spent on these concepts within this masterclass, yet they are essential to successfully understanding and keeping up with instruction and exercises.

Before embarking and participating in the Tangably Advanced Rendering & Visualization | Vectorworks Spotlight Masterclass it is a good idea to complete Tangably’s suite of masterclasses in Foundational, Intermediate, Advanced 3D Modeling & Resource Mgmt, and Advanced Reporting & Publishing.

Attend and participate online, at your office, from your home, favorite conference room, or on the road to your next gig from your mobile device.

Enrolled participants in this 4 week masterclass can expect to:

  • Explore and understand the variety of included render settings and how to customize.
  • Create, save, and catalog custom render settings.
  • Control textures by object class assignments.
  • Manipulate a multitude of water textures.
  • Create stunning glass, plastic, and reflective textures.
  • Apply decals to surfaces for branding objects and drops, plus add layers of aging or texture to environments.
  • Adjust the quality and resolution of your renders to maximize use of your hardware and rendering timeline.
  • Tweak the color temperature of interior lighting to manipulate the mood of a render.
  • Use HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images) as light sources to illuminate the environment of a scene.
  • Utilize the geographically specific Heliodon tool to create realistic sunlight and shadows with respect to time of day, date, and season.
  • Place supplemental environment lighting point lights and spot lights within the scene to lend reality to the setting and venue.
  • Simulate day-time lighting of venue exteriors.
  • Simulate day-time lighting of venue interiors.
  • Simulate lighting of exteriors of venues at night.
  • Simulate lighting of interiors of venues at night.
  • Simulate the effect of light traveling through fog and smoke using Lit Fog.


Your Instructor

Jacob Dale
Jacob Dale

Jacob bridges two decades of industry experience and dual professional degrees in Entertainment Design and Architecture. He has been using Vectorworks as an essential 3D design, CAD, and rendering tool since the 20th century.

Jacob has served as a training consultant to professionals ranging from major motion picture set designers and live entertainment lighting designers to leading architecture firms.

You can learn more about Jacob on his LinkedIn profile:

Email Jacob directly: [email protected]

Who Should Participate

Those who work in events, AV, lighting design, scenic design, film and anyone interested in upgrading their entertainment design workflow with Vectorworks Spotlight should participate in this masterclass.
Join us if you have solid intermediate skills with Vectorworks Spotlight Design Software and are looking to raise your game to the next level with advanced rendering and visualization techniques.

Enrollment in this Masterclass includes:

  • Weekly batches of project based training exercises and pre-recorded video lectures
  • Commenting and discussion feature integrated within each lecture where enrolled participants can discuss, ask questions, share screenshots about the lecture and related assignments with the instructor and other enrolled participants
  • Weekly Group Q&A Livestream Webinars with Masterclass Instructor and fellow enrolled participants
  • Periodic skills quizzes
  • Lecture-integrated supportive text and image based digital workbooks
  • Downloadable exercise files in .VWX 2018 format (when appropriate)
  • Downloadable supporting worksheets (when appropriate)
  • Downloadable shortcut reminders & tip sheets (when appropriate)
  • Personalized masterclass completion certificates
    • available in PDF format to participants that complete and submit all lectures, quizzes, and assignments by official masterclass conclusion date
    • Instructions on how to list Tangably masterclass completion credentials on LinkedIn and other professional networks
  • Enrolled Participant Reporting
    • At the end of each masterclass Tangably provides a custom report summarizing enrolled participant completion rates.
  • One year of member access to the Tangably Network
    • A professional online private network for Vectorworks software professionals - members can discuss tips & tricks, post & view job listings, post classified ads, participate in LIVE chat discussions, message other members directly, view and RSVP to a calendar of industry events + webinars + training opportunities


Enrollment closes Wednesday September 12, 2018


Industry Expertise

This course is a 4 week instructor-guided exploration and practice of the tools and workflows used in Vectorworks Spotlight Design Software by industry professionals. It is taught by an Industry Expert Instructor with two decades of experience utilizing Vectorworks Design Software on real-world projects.

Project Based Instruction

This course is designed as project-based training. Each course module will focus on using tools and workflows within Vectorworks Spotlight software to build on a digital model of a project grounded on real-world constraints and simulated client demands and requests.

Comprehensive Training

Whether you are new to the industry looking to get a handle on the state of the art software, or an industry veteran that has decided to take your design workflow to the digital world, this course will propel you forward in your practice.

State-of-the-art Professional Skills

Vectorworks Spotlight Design Software is used by a majority of professional designers in Live Entertainment, Lighting, Audio/Visual, Major Motion Pictures, Television, Theatre, Corporate Event, and Exhibit Design.


Tangably Advanced Rendering & Visualization | Vectorworks Spotlight Masterclass Tangably | Vectorworks Spotlight Masterclass builds on the Tangably Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced 3D Modeling & Resource Mgmt, and Advanced Reporting & Publishing Masterclasses. If you are unfamiliar with concepts such as advanced drawing, advanced modeling, advanced file organization, advanced use of the Resource Manager, and advanced publishing with Vectorworks Spotlight it’s a good idea to complete Foundational, Intermediate, Advanced 3D Modeling & Resource Mgmt, and Advanced Reporting & Publishing Masterclasses before embarking on Advanced Rendering & Visualization.

Additionally, before considering this masterclass you should comprehend:

  • drafting concepts including:
    • plan and elevation projections
    • scale vs. actual size
    • drawing units
  • basic mouse and keyboard operations
  • operation of a Mac or Windows Operating System

Participants must provide or have access to their own computer or workstation with the most recent version of Vectorworks Spotlight software and installed latest Service Pack release (currently Vectorworks 2018, Service Pack 2).*

A two button mouse with a scroll wheel, trackball with left and right buttons, or a multi-touch input surface is recommended.

Download a FREE 30-Day Trial of Vectorworks Spotlight 2018 at

*PLEASE NOTE: Tangably is not affiliated with Nemetschek Vectorworks and does not sell or distribute Vectorworks Spotlight software. Therefore, if you are enrolling in a Tangably Masterclass or Tangably Training Program, it is your responsibility (or your employers) to secure or plan to acquire a fully functioning copy of current Vectorworks Spotlight software (valid throughout the duration of instruction) before enrolling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a busy work schedule. Will I need to take time off from my job in order to participate in this Masterclass?

Not at all. All of the lessons are pre-recorded and available to watch whenever its convenient for you. The live Q&A sessions happen weekly and include morning, midday and evening sessions, so you can join the session that best fits your schedule.

What if I have a question on a specific lesson; do I need to wait until the weekly Q&A to get an answer?

No need to wait. Below each lesson video you'll find a place to submit any questions you may have. In many cases you'll see an answer posted (either in text or video format) within a couple of hours.

What happens if I don't complete the Masterclass by the official end date?

We understand that folks in our industry can get busy. You'll have full access to the Masterclass, including the answers to any questions posted by you and your classmates for a full year from the start date.

Will I receive a certificate of completion after finishing the Masterclass?

Yes! Upon completion of your Masterclass you will receive a unique and verifiable certificate of completion from Tangably. Employers and clients can use this certificate to verify your level of expertise.

Do I need to purchase design software in order to enroll?

In most cases no. Tangably Masterclasses are fully compatible with the free trial versions of ay Vectorworks design software. Keep in mind that most trials expire after 30 days, so you'll want to make sure you complete your Masterclass by the time the trial period expires.

What is your refund policy?

If you're unsatisfied with your Masterclass for any reason, simply notify us within 30 days of your class start date and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.


Enrollment closes Wednesday September 12, 2018