"Like an extension of my brain on paper.
Seriously, Jacob just sees it… he knows what to do. It’s awesome. Thanks!.”

- Ryan Nelson | Design Director


Tucson, AZ

extension of my brain

At Tangably, we aim to make you more badass with design software. We use the newest hardware and latest design software to craft a training experience that will prepare you for the next decade of business as a designer.

The future is being developed at a quickening pace in all corners of the globe. Stay ahead of the curve by training with us!‍‍‍

You make your clients' wildest dreams come true by designing at your peak ability. You have invested years of your life into becoming a designer, and a problem solver for your clients.

‍‍‍D‍‍‍on't let off the gas just yet. The world of design continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Stay on the cutting edge by sharpening your Vectorworks design software skills with Tangably.

"We couldn’t imagine being happier with our engagement with Tangably— Our Designer came back full of energy and was very complimentary of the trainer and the curriculum. Having Tangably in our hip pocket removes significant obstacles for us going forward with regards to considering potential candidates and overall recruitment. Thank you so much for your commitment and passion for the Vectorworks program and community (Nemetschek owes you a debt of gratitude — or an award).”

- Brent White | Design Director of Environments


San Francisco, CA

commitment and passion

“I had a great experience with Jacob and Tangably! I am a practiced user of VW, with over 10 years experience, and found Jacob to have a wealth of knowledge in our one-on-one training. He was a very helpful, direct instructor and was able to bounce around from topic to topic and answer all my questions as they came up. I walked away with some new tools in my (proverbial) toolbelt and an increased confidence in using the program."

-Nick Criscione | Architectural Designer

SPG Architects

New York, NY

a wealth of knowledge

"I am pleased to recommend the tutoring services of Jacob Dale at Tangably. Even though I had used Vectorworks for years I recognized that I was not using the CAD application to its full potential.  Each session has been a breakthrough for me as we have covered features and capabilities. I had previously read the available training books and looked at training videos, but in the real-time training Jacob has helped me get past an endless number of dead ends.  In a few weeks we have built up the plans for my lake house, which I can now see in 3D views."

Duffie White, CEO
TelePresence Tech

Plano, TX

each session ... a breakthrough

The Tangably Vectorworks training I attended has saved me many hours of work.The instructor showed me short cuts and answered questions that I could not find in any other training manual or online. The instructor is a real expert in his field. I highly recommend training with Tangably.

-Isabel Moritz | Landscape Designer

Santa Monica, CA

saved me many hours of work

”The instructor has the ability to create projects with Vectorworks at a level of detail that few can achieve, even with a handful of the other leading software titles."

-Sophia Karbach-Morales | Reg. Interior Designer

Chesney Morales Partners, Inc.

San Antonio, TX

level of detail ... few can acheive

“The way the instructor picked up folks’ questions and answered them, but didn’t get off track on the main points he was trying to convey, was masterful.”

-Rebecca Schnier | Principal Architect

Rebecca Schnier Architecture

Oakland, CA


"The instructor has a smart, fresh understanding of Vectorworks, with the goal of maximizing efficiency. Even seasoned Users can benefit from this training."

-Don Seidel | Principal Architect

Seidel + Associates, Inc. Architecture

San Antonio, TX

even seasoned users can benefit

"The instructor has mastery of Vectorworks software; however, his true talent lies in his ability to apply the software in unique and innovative ways, achieving efficient and effective project outcomes."

-Beau Schenck Assoc. AIA

San Antonio, TX

unique and innovative

"The instructor is a good presenter. His enthusiasm is refreshing. His knowledge of the subject and preparation is admirable."

-Paul Majka | Architect

Berkeley, CA


"The instructor's presentation style allows for quick and clear understanding of the subject matter."

-Bob Cleaver | Principal Landscape Architect

Cleaver Design Associates

Lafayette, CA

quick and clear

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We train in major design centers across the U.S.A.‍‍‍ and connect around the globe through screen-share. We welcome you to explore the cutting edge of creative technology with us.

Sharpen‍‍‍ your tools. Do inspiring work.

San Franc‍‍‍isco, CA

Tangably is an independently-owned technology consulting company. We use only the latest, updated hardware and software technology to curate a unique and inspiring learning experience for AEC and Entertainment industries.

”I completed Tangably Vectorworks training with the confidence to begin implementing Vectorworks software within my business.The instructor’s passion for the software was apparent. It brought a nice dynamic to the classroom. A great deal of interesting and useful information was covered throughout the course. ”

-Nicolas Blasi | Creative Director

SEP Lighting

Los Angeles, CA

interesting and useful


1161 Mission St.

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make you more badass

create an experience

It's what you do.

It's what we do.

Our clients say...

take a bite of 3d & BIM!

invest i‍‍‍n you

become a‍‍‍ happy client

it's about‍‍‍ time

receive a great value

This isn't my job. This is my business.

I am invested in your success as a designer that uses Vectorworks design software.

I invest in my clients. If your a designer, that's you.

After using Vectorworks and other digital design tools professionally for nearly two decades, I established Tangably in 2015 as a resource to designers using digital design tools.

If you are a professional in the design industry, I don't have to tell you that the tools are changing. 3D is taking place of 2D, BIM is eclipsing CAD, renderings are expected deliverables, and VR is now in your pocket.

We offer Vectorworks Training Classes & Consulting, Virtual or On-Site.

Our clients include professionals from A.E.C. Landscape and Entertainment Industries.

Recent advancements in design technology are truly exciting! I have anticipated this culmination of computing, modeling, and interactive technology for 30 years! Now that it is here I can't stop talking about it.

I look forward to working with you and your team on Vectorworks Optimization.

-Jacob Dale | Founder of Tangably

Meet the Founder.

Jacob Dale

Recent Speaking Events

  • Live Design International 2016
  • AIA Convention 2016
  • Vectorworks Design Summit 2016
  • New York City Vectorworks User Group
  • San Francisco Vectorworks User Group
  • Santa Monica Vectorworks User Group
  • Northern California Vectorworks User Group
  • Minneapolis Vectorworks User Group

that's what I do.

We are proud to share that in our first two years of business over 75% of our clients became repeat clients.

We stand by that vote of confidence and are aiming to please even more clients this year.‍‍‍

A common comment we hear from our clients is 'this will save me so much time!".

Our favorite ‍‍‍comment to hear after training sessions is:

'you guys don't charge enough for this, we have gained so much value from this session.'

exploration as a practice



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